Chocolatey swag over the years

2019 - A Retrospective


MVP Renewal 2019

New Chocolatey GitHub Organisations

Introducing the Cake.VsCode.Recipe Package

2019 Speaking Tour

What are all the Chocolatey repositories for?

2018 - A Retrospective


GitReleaseManager Release 0.8.0

Introducing the Cake.Recipe VS Code Extension

Introducing the CI/CD Assets Repository and VS Code Extension

Using Cake GitHub Action

Getting started with GitHub Actions

Introducing the Cake.Wyam.Recipe Package

Introducing the Chocolatey Azure DevOps Extension

Introducing the Chocolatey VS Code Extension

Stack Overflow Reputation History

Chocolatey Package Error - Checksums do not match

Introducing the Cake.Discord Addin

Installing macOS Mojave

Introducing the Cake.DotNetTool.Module

MVP and RD Wall at Microsoft Ignite

Hacktoberfest Meetup 2018

Problem Running Chocolatey Test Environment

Are you coming to Chocolatey Fest?

How to get console output from a WPF application

Introducing the Cake.Eazfuscator.Net Addin

Chocolatey GUI v0.16.0 released

And so the adventure begins...

2018 Speaking Tour

2017 - A Retrospective


Introducing a Postman Collection for AppVeyor

MVP Award Kit

How to use AppVeyor Build Cache

How to use AppVeyor Remote Desktop Connection

Version 0.8.0 of the Visual Studio Code extension for Cake

I am a Microsoft MVP

Talk at DDD 12

Introducing Cake.Chocolatey.Module

How to run Octobox on Synology Server using Docker

An Update on Cake-Contrib User and Organisation

Signing GitHub Commits with

Granny's Poem

Amelia Mabel Park

How to rebase a PR branch

How to create gh-pages branch

Use Octokit to create labels

Adding clickable links for headers

How to skip AppVeyor builds

2016 - A Retrospective


Cake reaches 250000 downloads

Gone, but still not forgotten...

Happy Birthday Dad

Cake discussion on Herding Code!

Cake talk at DDD North

Cake discussion on Cynical Developer

Cake talk at DDD Reading

Cake-Contrib organisation created on GitHub

Cake discussion on .Net Rocks!

Cake talk at NDC Oslo

Cake talk at DDD Scotland

Cake talk at Aberdeen Developers

Invited to Wyam organisation on GitHub

Cake discussion on MS Dev Show


DDD Scotland 2016 Call For Speakers Is Now Open

Strange Error When Signing XAP File for Windows Phone 8.1. Silverlight Application


Invited to Cake organisation on GitHub

Slides from Talk at ScotSoft2015

Invited to MyGet organisation on GitHub

Invited to psake organisation on GitHub

Invited to Chocolatey organisation on GitHub

GitTools organisation created on GitHub


Registration for DunDDD 2014 is now open

Improve AppVeyor build times using build cache

Chocolatey Kickstarter is now live

Our Daughter is 1 Year Old Today!

Using a basic gallery plugin on Octopress Site

Setup AppVeyor to deploy Octopress site to GitHub Pages

adnuguk organisation created on GitHub

Out with the old, in with the new - Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic


Slides and code from Continuous Integration 101 talk at DunDDD

BSOD on Windows 8.1 when using Internet Connection Sharing on Windows Phone 8

The battery life of the Nokia Lumia 920 really is fantastic...

Registration for DunDDD 2013 is now open

Started using my Nokia Lumia 920 as an iPod and TomTom replacement

Northern Lights 2013 Conference

Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update finally arrives for my Nokia Lumia 925 on the 3 network

Alivia Anne Park

Jon Skeet Scotland Tour

Bill Wagner Scotland Tour

Opening and editing an Adobe Illustrator file using Expression Design

Loupe Desktop is now Free

How to keep Chocolatey Pull Request tidy, and up to date

Upgrading the RAM of my Synology DS1512+

"Mmmm, Chocolatey Goodness!" at Aberdeen Developers

Mike Taulty and Andy Wigley coming to Scotland!

Review of DevOpsDays London 2013

Review of Day 5 of DevWeek 2013

Review of Day 4 of DevWeek 2013

Review of Day 3 of DevWeek 2013

Review of Day 2 of DevWeek 2013

Review of Day 1 of DevWeek 2013

How to upgrade TeamCity

How to configure TeamCity NuGet Server

Problem with Wireless Button (F2) on Dell Studio 1558 and Windows 8

Update to interesting Windows Phone Build Error

Audible? Well, yes, but barely...

Synaptics Device Driver for Dell Studio 1558 Trackpad

How to create a MySQL Server Instance Profile and Database

How to install chocolatey nuget

How to install MySQL Community Server

How to install MySQL Workbench

How to install TeamCity

2012 - My Year in review


stats for my blog in 2012

What is going on with WP Discovery?

Blog is now hosted on a new server

DDD attendance leaderboard, where do you rank?

DDD North 2 – Getting Started with Caliburn.Micro and Windows Phone 7

My impressions of DDD North 2

DDD North 2 Windows Phone 7 Agenda application

An interesting Windows Phone 7 build error

A great day out at Phoenix Falconry

An interesting Kindle cover

Building the Caliburn.Micro source code

Time to say goodbye to an old friend

First impressions of Windows 8 and Office 365 Home Premium Preview

Does your development rig support SLAT?

Caliburn.Micro session accepted for DDD North

Windows Phone 7 updating the Nokia Lumia 800 to 7.10.8773.98

Windows Phone 7 updating the Nokia Lumia Firmware to 1750.0805.8773.12220

My round of golf on Trump International Scotland

Sessions that I have submitted for DDD North 2012

Scottish Developers have a new Committee Member... me!

First Issue on GitHub

Feedback from StyleCop presentation at DDDSW

Subtle problem with StyleCop surrounding this. prefix

DDDSW 4 - StyleCop: Breaking down the barriers to entry

My impressions of dddsw 4

Scott Hanselman doing user group tour of scotland

Registration for #DDDSW is now open

Review of Day 3 of DevWeek

Windows Phone 7 Updating the Nokia Lumia Firmware to 1600.2487.8107.12070

Review of Day 2 of DevWeek

Review of Day 5 of DevWeek

Review of Day 1 of DevWeek

Nokia Lumia 800 to get tethering support, “soon”

Office 365 is now free for User Groups

Apress Half Price eBook Deal

Windows Phone 7 Updating the Nokia Lumia Firmware to 1600.2483.8106.11500

Use a Windows Azure Blob Storage account with your WordPress blog

Windows Phone 7 Updating the Nokia Lumia 800 to 7.10.8107.79

Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp, UK Tech Days

Windows Azure Bootcamp, UK Tech Days

Use the Cloud9 online IDE to hack on WordPress

Creating a Google search shortcut for sites

Apex Photographics – Tuition course

Git/GitHub/BitBucket Series

Job Vacancy: Evoke IT, Aberdeen

Update 7.10.8107.79 for Windows Phone 7 (#WP7)

I am attending the UK Tech days in London

Websites are now being blacked out

I got my Stuart MacBride book signed

Continue using WordPress, or not?

Now using Feedburner for blog site

Matt Lacey on Tour

Sebastien Lambla on Tour

UK Developer Events for 2012

WordPress 3.3.1 Released

Stats for my blog in 2011


2011 – My Year in Review

Merry Christmas everyone!

101 Windows Phone 7 Apps by @adamnathan

First Pull Request on GitHub

First Repository on GitHub

I joined GitHub

I now have a full house of WP7 applications!

Gone, but not forgotten...

Just updated this blog to WordPress 3.3

Microsoft Lync 2010 for Windows Phone – won’t connect to Office 365

How many spam comments do you get on your blog?

I feel I am missing some applications...

LEGO Mindstorms 8547 has arrived!!

Update 7.10.7740.16 for Windows Phone 7 (#WP7)

Time Tracking Software

Job Vacancy: Aberdeen University

Update 7.10.7720.68 for Windows Phone 7 (#WP7)

A review of DunDDD

Calling all Scottish Mountain Bikers

Almost time for DunDDD

What to get a geek for Christmas?

My impressions of #GiveCampUK

GiveCampUK is only 4 days away...

New @StuartMacBride Book available for pre-order

Mouse without Borders

I have Kindle envy...

Enough is enough! Time to get fit!

Windows Developer Required – Aberdeen

Consultant Job Opportunity – Aberdeen

Progressive .Net Tutorials – A Review @skillsmatter #prognet11

Day 3 – Afternoon Session #prognet11 @skillsmatter @markrendle @grumpydev

Day 3–Morning Session #prognet11 @skillsmatter @jonskeet

Day 2 – Afternoon Session #prognet11 @skillsmatter @stack72

Day 2 – Morning Session #prognet11 @skillsmatter @simonbrown

Day 1 – Afternoon Session #prognet11 @skillsmatter @dylanbeattie

Day 1 – Morning Session #prognet11 @skillsmatter @ICooper @serialseb

ADNUGUK – October Meeting

Looking forward to #prognet11

These things are addictive...

ADNUGUK – September Meeting

Can’t access #Office365 from Office Hub on #WP7

A cunning plan to get HD content on upstairs television

My NetBook Upgrade – Completed

Upgrading the RAM on my new NetBook

ADNUGUK – August Meeting

My New NetBook

Becoming a better developer...

#DDDBelfast – Call for speakers

#DDDNorth – Call for speakers

All-In-One Code Framework

A modification to my use of ExtensionSync

My Windows Phone 7 Applications

Secrets of a .Net Ninja Talk at #ADNUGUK by @KodefuGuru

I did not know that Fiddler could do this...

Very much looking forward to @GiveCampUK...

Can .Net User Groups get @Office365 for free?

4x4 Off Road Driving–Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy

Free TypeMock Isolator Webinar

A review of DDDSW by a DDDSW Virgin

Very polite error message from @metrotwitapp

Almost time for DDDSW...

Follow up from ADNUGUK Refactoring Meeting

Scott Guthrie coming to London

Configure DNS Settings for Office 365

Using a WP7 to automate my house...

VMWare Workstation troubles

Visual Studio 2010 crashes when I open build details page

A review of DDDScot by a DDDScot Virgin

Job: Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire area

Software Development Packages

O’Reilly Media – FTW!!

Finally, Nodo has landed!!

Blacknight–Can’t say enough good things about them!

A tool to synchronise Visual Studio 2010 Extensions

Comprehensive list of applications/configurations for new PC

My first StyleCop presentation

Visual Studio 2010 Compare and Merge Tool Configuration

I’ve just registered for DDD Scotland, have you?

IE6 No More!!

WordPress Plugins used on blog

Confirmed swag for ADNUG events

Synology Server DSM Upgrade

Too much security, or not enough?

VBForums Photography Contest–Results

My New Kindle

LearnVisualStudio.Net 9th Anniversary Discount

I have been promoted...

OneNote 2010 – Create a note from anywhere

Upcoming DDD Events

Time to vote for the VB Forums Photography Contest

OneNote 2010 – Make Text in Image Searchable

Reasons to love OneNote 2010 Series

Free eBooks

Streaming movies from Synology Server to PS3

Use a pro account to shorten url's with a custom domain

VBForums Photography Contest

New Coding4Fun Site

A review of DDD9 by a DDD Virgin

Google Chrome Search for MSDN

Visual Studio 2010 Extensions

I have started watching the new videos from LVS.Net

Ejecting an iPod


VBForums Moderator

Where did the assemblies from my Global Assembly Cache (GAC) go?

NoSql Autumn Conference 2010–Dundee

techmeetup in Aberdeen

Microsoft App Hub Registration

Lloyds TSB scam email

Why can’t things get delivered when they are meant to?

Mr and Mrs Park

Windows 7 Family Pack

Helping out friends and families

ASP.Net Vulnerability – Update

Upcoming .Net User Group Meeting

SQL Injection Talk by Colin Mackay

ASP.Net Vulnerability


Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync

Check out

Revenge of the Cat

New article posted

Collated Feedback from First User Group Meeting

Microsoft Certification Offer

New Patterns released from DO Factory

New MSDN Subscription

News from LearnVisualStudio.Net

Limited time offer from LearnDevNow


Helicopter flying lesson

Follow up from first User Group meeting

Birth of the #ADNUG tag

First Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group Meeting

The UserSelectionMode attribute is not allowed

Essential Visual Studio Addin – CodeRush Express

Essential Visual Studio Addin – Copy Source As HTML

Essential Visual Studio Addin - ghostdoc

Essential Visual Studio Addin - PowerCommands

Essential Visual Studio Addin - StyleCop

Essential Visual Studio Addin – TFS Power Tools

Essential Visual Studio 2008 Addin Series

Our new kitten

Microsoft have been busy

TweetDeck... Is it evil?

Upcoming ADNUG events

Using Windows Live Writer

Twitter Accounts

Microsoft Second Shot Vouchers


My sister and partner have a new dog

Peterhead Panto - Snow White

Matrikon Christmas Party

Birthday Weekend - Glasgow

Meal at Mill of Mundurno

Guitar Hero World Tour

Birthday Night Out

The Feeling Concert

Vampires Rock

Print Screen Utility

Glasgow City Chambers

Quantum of Solace

Oasis Concert

Gaz has got a new phone

Bought a PS3

Back to work

Gaz is home

Mono binaries for RHEL no longer supported

Confirmed Leaving Date

Lakeview Terrace

Archery in Calgary


Death Race

Shaganappi Golf Course - Part 2

Google Chrome

Red Bull gives you wings....

Stuart MacBride: Flesh House

Stuart MacBride: Broken Skin

Shaganappi Golf Course - Part 1

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The X Files: I Want to Believe

Trip to Edmonton with Lynn

Step Brothers

Calgary Tower and the Casino

Trip to Banff with Lynn

Me and Lynn at the Zoo


Hell Boy 2 and Dark Knight

Gary the Coconut joins me in Calgary

The Story of Gary The Coconut

Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede Parade

Wanted..... It was good!!!

Looking forward to Calgary Stampede

BBQ at my Landlords

Hiking and Troll Falls

The Happening and The Incredible Hulk

Bull Riding at the SaddleDome

Irn Bru in Calgary

Calgary Zoo

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Moved into my apartment

Arrived in Calgary