Ejecting an iPod

Published on 09 January 2011

Now that I have fully consolidated my music collection onto my VERY impressive Synology Server, I thought it was about time that I dug out my classic iPod so that I could stand listening to music at work.  Whilst doing this, I was introduced to a very useful tip.

Basically, due to restrictions imposed on our machines at work, we are not allowed to have iTunes installed.  As a result, when I went to plug my iPod into my computer (hoping to be able to charge the device, whilst still listening to it), I was met with an error, and all I got from the iPod itself was the icon indicating that it was trying to connect to the computer.  I wasn’t able to charge the iPod!

However, the solution is simple.

Go to Start | My computer and find the drive that is your iPod.  Simply right click on the drive, and then select Eject.  This has the result of stopping the iPod trying to communicate with the computer, allowing you to listen to whatever music you want to, but it will continue to charge from your computer.

The best of both worlds!

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