Ramblings and Ponderings of a Microsoft Fan Boy...

Hello, my name is Gary Ewan Park. By day, I make a living as .Net Developer. I am a husband and a father, and I enjoy contributing to Open Source projects.

Getting started with GitHub Actions

On Wednesday evening, I got a very pleasant email from GitHub, telling me that I had been given access to the GitHub Actions Beta. This is something that I have been looking forward to for a while now, ever since I signed up for it. I am a big user of Continuous Integration Systems for building the various Open Source projects that I work on, but I really like the idea of doing smaller, precise actions, as a result of other "things" happening on a repository.

Introducing the Cake.Wyam.Recipe Package

This is another of those announcement blog posts that is a little on the "late" side. This post is about the Cake.Wyam.Recipe package, which was first released back in May 2017. Now, in it's sixth release, I thought it was about time to tell people about it. Better late than never...

Introducing the Chocolatey Azure DevOps Extension

Unlike my last blog post, this announcement is up to date! Yesterday, I released the Chocolatey Extension for Azure DevOps which helps to execute Chocolatey commands as part of your Azure DevOps Pipelines.