Cake Visual Studio Extension Release 0.3.0

Published on 21 December 2020

After working on it for a little bit during my Monday night streams, I am happy to announce that we have shipped the 0.3.0 release of the Cake Extension for Visual Studio. This includes support for Visual Studio 2029.

Release Notes

Breaking changes

  • #115 Remove usage of Experimental option passed to Cake
  • #114 Remove support for Visual Studio 2015


  • #110 Add support for Visual Studio 2019
  • #105 Initial support for overriding the location of cake.exe the TRX uses
  • #104 Add solution item template
  • #103 Update to new VS2019 SDKs and APIs. Migrate to an AsyncPackage load.
  • #79 Add an option to set the "cake.exe" absolute or relative path


  • #121 Exception when cake.config file doesn't exist
  • #97 Unable to add a binding to the Project Open event


  • #120 Switch to using consistent -- arguments
  • #119 Add download commands for additional bootstrapper files
  • #118 Add missing preprocessor key words
  • #116 Support usage of .Net Tool for Cake
  • #101 Update extension to use new VSSDK APIs

Release Video

Here is a short video highlighting what is included in this release:

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