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Published on 24 September 2015

Semantic Versioning with GitVersion

On Thursday 17th September 2015, I presented a talk entitled "Semantic Versioning with GitVersion" at the first Developer Forum as part of the ScotlandIS ScotSoft2015 event. The abstract for the talk was as follows:

Have you ever needed to control the version number of your application? If so, you will know that this isn't something that you "get for free". It's hard!

You may have tried to use some form of auto incrementing number from your Continuous Integration Server, or store a text file in source control and update it each time the build happens. Both of these approaches will work, but they don't account for more complicated scenarios where you are working on multiple releases at the same time, or you want to use multiple Continuous Integration Servers.

In this session, we will look at how we can improve the versioning of your application using a combination of branching strategies (either Gitflow or Githubflow) and an open source tool called GitVersion.

GitVersion is a tool which allows you to easy generate the Semantic Version number for your application, based on the current state of your code base in it's Git Repository.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this presentation, and there were quite a few questions after the talk was finished, so I feel that people were able to get something from it. If there are any follow-up questions, then please feel free to get in touch, and I will do my best to respond.


If you are interested in seeing the slide from the talk, you can find them displayed below, or you can find the full version on SlideShare here.

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