Secrets of a .Net Ninja Talk at #ADNUGUK by @KodefuGuru

Published on 08 July 2011

On Thursday 7th July, the Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group was lucky enough to welcome Chris Eargle (@KodefuGuru), a Telerik Developer Evangelist from Columbia, South Carolina, to do a talk entitled “Secrets of a .Net Ninja”.

Due to the format of this presentation, primarily focused around code demonstrations, there was only an introductory set of slides, so I have not posted them here.

However, all of the code (and much, much more) that Chris talked through on the night is available at his CodePlex Project which you can find here. I am in the process of downloading the latest version as I type.

There was no messing around in this talk, we jumped straight into talking about:

  • Private Member Inheritance
  • Removing the use of Out Parameters
  • Extension Method Refactoring
  • Advanced use of LINQ, Lambdas and Anonymous Methods

There was a lot of content in this presentation, and there was certainly a lot of food for thought. The sample code helps in cementing how these techniques can be used in your day-to-day programming activities.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go, but some of the guys took Chris to the BrewDog bar for a round of Sink The Bismarck after the meeting, I hope he doesn’t miss his flight back home to the states today!

Big thanks to Chris for taking time to visit the Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group.

Don’t forget about our next event which is happening on the Thursday 21st July 2011. Paul Stack (@stack72), a Continuous Integration enthusiast, is travelling up to present his talk entitled “Beginners Guide to CI”. I have seen this talk once before (although I know he has added some parts to it since I last saw it so interested to see what he has lined up) and I would encourage anyone who is interested in getting started with CI, or even if you are already using it, to come along.

**NOTE: **As some of you may have noticed, I have switched from using the #ADNUG hash tag to using #ADNUGUK on Twitter. This is due to the fact that there was a clash with the Austin Dot Net User Group, as well as the Adelaide Dot Net User Group, so if you are ever mentioning the Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group can I ask you to use #ADNUGUK.

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