Nokia Lumia 800 to get tethering support, “soon”

Published on 24 March 2012

I have just found out that the much-needed internet tethering feature for my Nokia Lumia 800 is coming, it just hasn’t been announced when it will be arriving.  The only hint that we get is via an online Q&A blog post on the Nokia Connects site, which states:

Nokia Lumia 800 to get tethering support

This really is great news, and although it has not been confirmed when this update will be shipped, the confirmation that this feature is actually coming to the Nokia Lumia 800 is in itself huge news.

I have recently moved mobile phone operator specifically for the reason that I wanted an unlimited data contract, and the fact that the Nokia Lumia 800 couldn’t tether is a real pain as it means I have to switch SIM between my HTC HD7 which does have the feature.  I personally can’t wait for this update to be released!

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