Synaptics Device Driver for Dell Studio 1558 Trackpad

Published on 14 January 2013

New Synaptics Driver means Windows 8 Gestures now work on my Dell Studio 1558

Out of the box, installing Windows 8 onto my Dell Studio 1558 meant that the Windows 8 Gestures for my Trackpad (i.e. pinch to zoom, two finger vertical scroll, and two finger horizontal scroll) didn't work.  Dell offered an updated trackpad driver, but this didn't seem to work.

In all honesty, I didn't really miss not having it, as typically I use a portable USB Wireless mouse when out and about.  However, after watching Scott Hanselman's (@shanselman) 25 minute introduction video to Windows 8, I decided that it was time to try to get this working!

After a bit of searching, I turned up this page, which seemed to be exactly what I needed.  I was holding out too much hope, as I had tried a previous version of the Synaptics Driver, and it also hadn't worked.  To my surprise, and delight, I am happy to say that it is now working!

If you are not familiar with the gestures that I am referring to be sure to check out Paul Thurrott's (@thurrott) blog post here, as it has all the details.

I can see me using these gestures more and more when using my laptop, and only cracking out the mouse when doing more intense stuff on the laptop.

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