The Feeling Concert

Published on 14 November 2008

Went along to The Feeling Concert last night at the Music Hall, had a great time, they put on a really good show that had the whole crowd jumping.

They were supported by a very energetic Belgium band called Das Pop. A couple of their songs were catchy but they seemed like quite an odd group. One of the guitar players looked a bit like Grizzly Adams, and the lead singer as well as singing was trying to play the piano, the tambourine, and sing all at the same time, which seemed a bit strange.

The Feeling themselves were very good. Again, I hadn't had a chance to listen to their second album, so a couple of the songs I didn't recognise, but most of them I did. At one point Dan Gillespie jumps into the outstretched arms of the audience and crowd surfed his way along to his awaiting minder, and then went to the upstairs balcony to perform a solo instrumental song. Very well done!!!

This was the second time that I have seen The Feeling, and would definitely go back and see them again.

I took some photos, and you can see them below:

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