Using Windows Live Writer

Published on 26 June 2010

I have just discovered the Windows Live Writer package which is distributed as one of the Windows Live Essentials packages, along with:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Movie Maker
  • Mail
  • Messenger
  • Family Safety
  • Toolbar

You can find more information about it here and Windows Live Essentials here.

So far, I have been very impressed with it, and am using it both on this blog, which uses a customized Community Server blog engine, and at work which has a SharePoint blog, both on which work great.

Live Writer downloads the theme associated with your blog post, including colour, widths, fonts etc, so you get a real time look of how your blog will look before you post it.

There are a number of Plug-in’s that you can use with Live Writer, far too many to talk about here, but so far I am using a Code Highligther Plug-in which automatically converts C# or code into HTML and a Twitter Plug-in, which automatically creates a tweet when I create a blog post.

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