And so the adventure begins...

Published on 28 January 2018

And so the adventure begins...

In my 2017 retrospective blog post, I mentioned that there was going to be some amazing news at the end of January. Well, now it is time to announce that news...

I am joining Chocolatey Software, Inc.


That's right! I am joining Rob Reynolds and the rest of the Chocolatey team, delivering the best package manager for Windows.

As most of you reading this blog will know, I have been a long time contributor to the Chocolatey project. In actual fact, my first foray into the world of Open Source Software was a pull request into the original Chocolatey GitHub repository. Since that pull request, I have worked on various parts of the Chocolatey Project including:

  • Answering questions on GitHub, Stack Overflow and Gitter
  • Becoming a moderator of packages which are pushed to
  • Speaking about Chocolatey at local User Group events
  • Helping triage and fixing issues with the core Chocolatey project
  • Maintaining and contributing to the Chocolatey GUI project
  • Contributing to the package validator and verifier projects
  • In August 2015 I was invited to join the Chocolatey Organisation on GitHub

During the time that I have been contributing, I have watched with pride as Chocolatey has grown in popularity, and also how it has expanded into the commercial side of things, by offering licensed versions that contain additional features.

It was around the middle of 2017 that I was approached to join this Chocolately adventure, and after some discussion with family and friends, I decided that it really was too good an offer to pass up. I am very excited about getting started contributing to Chocolatey in this new role.

If you have any questions about my new role, or Chocolatey in general, then please feel to reach out.

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