Our Daughter is 1 Year Old Today!

Published on 13 September 2014

Is it really 1 year?

As amazing as it sounds, our daughter is 1 year old today!

I was always told that time would start passing quickly as soon as you had your first child, but I honestly didn't expect that it would be this fast!

Today is Alivia's 1st Birthday! I can remember being in the hospital holding for the first time as if it were yesterday!

So much as happened since Alivia came into our lives, but I wouldn't change anything, I love being a dad!

She has:

  • learned to walk (well almost)
  • learned to swim
  • learned to say "dad"
  • learned to sign "mum"
  • learned to clap
  • learned to sleep through the night
  • learned to blow raspberries
  • and so much more!

Looking forward to teaching her so many new things in the next year!

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