Why can’t things get delivered when they are meant to?

Published on 30 October 2010

Today, I was hoping to bring you a blow by blow account of my new Windows Phone 7 handset, the HTC HD7. I ordered it on Thursday, and I was told that I would have it yesterday. When I checked the DHL tracking website, sure enough, it said it was “Out of delivery” as of 15:23 yesterday. However, it never arrived, and there has been no update on the DHL website.

I phoned O2 this morning, and they were able to get in touch with DHL directly. Now, you would think that “Out for Delivery” means just that, it is out for delivery, however, that would be too easy. All this means is that it is in the hands of the courier who is going to deliver it, and it will be delivered at some point in the future. DHL, you really need to update your website with sensible descriptions!!! I have now been told that the phone will be delivered on Monday, however, there is not going to be anyone in the house on Monday, and much to my dismay, you can’t change the delivery address until they attempt delivery at least once, and neither am I able to pick it up from the depot. At the earliest, I am not going to have the phone until Tuesday.


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