Follow up from ADNUGUK Refactoring Meeting

Published on 02 June 2011

On Thursday 26th May, the Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group was fortunate enough to welcome Gary Short (@garyshort) of DevExpress to do a talk entitled “Refactoring – Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask”.

If you were not able to attend the session you can find the slide deck from the presentation here, big thanks to Gary for giving us a copy of the slide deck.

The presentation was very well received and I am happy to say that outside of the Microsoft event, which we held back in November last year, attendance was the highest that it has ever been!!

The User Group now has over 75 registered members, and attendance at our meetings is averaging around the 20 people mark, which is far better than I ever thought it would be an I started out in this little adventure, so I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has been coming along! The User Group really would be nothing without you guys coming along!

As I mentioned on the night, I am planning on increasing the frequency of the meetings for the User Group. I have decided this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I have had a lot of interest from speakers who would like to do talks at the User Group, and the bi-monthly cycle meant that I would have to put some speakers off until next year, which isn’t great.

Secondly, I think that a more regular meeting cycle keeps up the level of interest. Based on the show of hands by the attendees on the night, as well as speaking to some other Group Leaders, a regular monthly slot seems to make a lot of sense. If for some reason it doesn’t work for this User Group, then we can easily switch back.

Now, having just spoken about a regular monthly slot, (aiming for the 3rd Thursday of every month), I am going to have to break that rule for the first month.

I was planning on starting this month, June, but the first speaker was not able to make it, and as a result, we are now going to have two meetings in July.

The first up is Chris Eargle (@KodefuGuru), a Telerik Developer Evangelist from Columbia, South Carolina, who, while over here to do other talks in the UK, is going to stop by Aberdeen and do a talk entitled “Secrets of a .Net Ninja”.

Next up is Paul Stack (@stack72) a Continuous Integration enthusiast, that is going to travel up to Aberdeen to do a talk entitled “Beginners Guide to CI”.

I am very much looking forward to both of these talks, and I hope that you will be able to make it along on the night.

**NOTE: **As some of you may have noticed, I have switched from using the #ADNUG hash tag to using #ADNUGUK on Twitter. This is due to the fact that there was a clash with the Austin Dot Net User Group, as well as the Adelaide Dot Net User Group, so if you are ever mentioning the Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group can I ask you to use #ADNUGUK.

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