Finally, Nodo has landed!!

Published on 06 April 2011

So, after weeks of waiting, the Nodo update has finally landed on my HTC HD7.

I didn’t get any notification on my phone, but after a day of reading tweets from people I knew were on O2 who had the update, I decided to plug my phone into computer and let the Zune software check for an update, and this is what I was greeted with:

Update Available

Clicking the UPDATE button took me through to here:

Update your phone

And after a quick prayer, and a deep breath, I clicked the UPDATE NOW button:

Step 2 of 10

I missed some steps as they happened so quickly:

Step 5 of 10

Step 6 of 10

This step took quite a while:

Step 7 of 10

This step took even longer (go and get yourself a cup of tea):

Step 8 of 10

Step 9 of 10

Step 10 of 10

You can now disconnect your phone


Upon checking Settings | about, the OS version of my HTC HD7 is now 7.0.7390.0.

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