Installing macOS Mojave

Published on 23 October 2018

A few days ago, I got this notification on my Mac:

Should I do this

Since getting my Mac at the start of this year when I started working for Chocolatey Software, Inc, this is the first major operating system update that I have been presented with, so I was a little anxious.

I reached out to Twitter, and the overall responses seemed to be positive, so I thought I would go for it.

After making sure that everything was backed up via Time Machine, and Backblaze, I clicked the install button...

How did it go?

I am happy to say that overall, the process was fairly straight forward, as shown in the series to screenshots below.

First Step

Dock Icon

Getting started

Accept the license

Install Mojave

Where did I put that power cord?

Give me power

Give me access

How good is the Apple Random Number Generator?

10 minutes remaining

Turns out it was pretty good!

Click to restart

At this point, the Mac restarted a couple times, and proceeded to show the Apple Icon for about 30 minutes, while it did it's work.

After selecting a few options, including selecting the new Dark Theme, I was welcomed with this:

Mojave Desktop

Having played with it for a little while now, everything seems to be working fine. The only slight issue that I have noticed is that when starting up some applications, I see something that looks like the following:

Access the microphone

I believe in this latest version of the Operating System there are some additional permissions that applications need to request in order to continue doing what they were doing before. I have seen this also pop up on applications like VMWare Fusion, Slack, etc. Seems to be anything that has the ability to interact with the hardware of the machine.

UPDATE: 24 Oct 2018

After switching on computer this morning, I was met with a slightly more scary warning from the Backblaze Application:

Backblaze notification

This was different from all the others as it required additional changes to the security settings to allow Backblaze to function as it had before. Full details of this can be found in their blog post:

With those changes made, everything seems to be working again.

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