Upcoming .Net User Group Meeting

Published on 24 September 2010

At last nights .Net User Group Meeting, I announced details of our upcoming meeting in November, so I thought I would follow up with additional details here.

Basically, we are lucky enough to have 2 Microsoft gurus coming up to Aberdeen to do a talk on Silverlight, both on the desktop and on the mobile platform.

The Microsoft gurus that I am referring to are:

Mike Taulty - http://mtaulty.com/communityserver/blogs/mike_taultys_blog/default.aspx


Mike Ormond - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mikeormond/

I am still waiting on complete details of exactly what is going to be in the talks, but I will upload more information about the talk here:


As it becomes available.

What I can say is that this meeting will be starting earlier than our previous meetings. This is to allow for the fact that we will be having two sessions. Both sessions will likely be about an hour in length with a break in between the two sessions.

In addition, due to the expected number of attendees at the event, it is likely that we will not be able to use Room A4 in the RGU building as we have been. Instead, we should be able to use one of the larger auditoriums in the RGU Building. These details will be confirmed as we get closer to the meeting date.

I would encourage everyone to spread the word about this event, and try to get as many people to attend as possible. If we can get a good turn out at this event, then it will show Microsoft that we have a substantial community in this area, and will hopefully open the doors to holding more of these events in the future.

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