O’Reilly Media – FTW!!

Published on 15 April 2011

If like me, you have a LOT of books, then I would highly suggest that you take a look at the O’Reilly Media website:


Not only do they offer some cracking deals on both print and eBooks (you can follow @oReillyMedia to get the “Deal of the Day”) but as a registered member, you then get access to additional functionality that, to me, is now becoming “must have”.

To start off with, as a registered member, you have the option to register all the print books that you have in your library.  This is as simple as typing in the ISBN number of each book, and once you have done that, the website then provides you with links off to any errata's for the book, as well as any downloadable content.

As an example, take a look at the “Inside the Microsoft Build Engine” book that I have in my collection (I picked this one up while I was at DDD Reading):

Inside the Microsoft Build Engine

NOTE: not all books are supported by the O’Reilly site, but I would say that over 70% of my collection was.

So, rather having to bookmark any additional content or changes to the book, I can simply log into my O’Reilly account and keep everything in one place.

On top of this, O’Reilly also offer you the ability to do an eBook upgrade of some of your books.  What this means is that you can download a digital version of the physical books that you own.  This means that you can easily take your book collection with you, let’s say if you own a Kindle.

Most books are available in a wide range of formats including APK, MOBI, PDF, DAISY and ePub.  Of course this service isn’t free, but for the small price that you have to pay, I personally think that it is well worth it.

There were a number of Microsoft Press Training Kit books that weren’t originally included in the eBook upgrade offer (the MCTS and MCPD Self Paced Training Kit books), but I am happy to say that (after a talk with a O’Reilly representative at the SharePoint Best Practices conference in London) I have now found out that these have been included in the deal.

For more information about the available membership benefits available from O’Reilly take a look here:


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