Upcoming DDD Events

Published on 15 February 2011

Hot on the heels of DDD9 in Reading, there are other DDD related events coming up in the near future.

(The home page for the DDD Events is here)

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard too much about DDD Belfast, and there doesn’t seem to be any information on the DDD site. I am not going to be able to make this event anyway, but it would still be nice to see what I will be missing out on.

DDD Scotland is at the stage that speakers have submitted there proposed sessions, and the community is now voting on them. For your chance to have a say about what sessions get included, make sure you vote for your favourites. I am really hoping to attend this event, as there are a number of proposed sessions, which if picked, I will be very interested in attending!!

DDD South West is at the stage of looking for speakers. I would love to think that I am at the stage that I could think about submitting a session, but I know I am not. This is an area that I am hoping to move into, and with the help of Guy Smith-Ferrier’s video series here, maybe I will think about submitting a session next year. Again, looking at some of the proposed sessions, I can see a lot of benefit in attending this event. It is obviously slightly further away, but would still be worth it.

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