Job: Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire area

Published on 27 April 2011

Through the Aberdeen Developers website I have been made aware of a job vacancy in the Aberdeen area.

The role will be as a software developer working on a brand new browser based product. In the short term, a prospective candidate would benefit from having some Delphi knowledge in order to work with some existing software. In addition, it would be beneficial if the candidate lived in the Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire area. The position would also ideally suit someone who has, or is, working on their own concept and wants to be a “start up”, and is looking for some cash injection, as this type of investment is available.

If you are interested in the position and would like some more information, then please feel free to contact Peter Gillian on pjg at skylark dot co dot uk, or you can call him on 01330 823950.

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