Synology Server DSM Upgrade

Published on 07 March 2011

Yesterday I found out that there was a new version of the DSM (DiskStation Manager) for my Synology DS410 Server, so after downloading the correct version (I incorrectly downloaded the DSM for the DS1511+, if only I could afford one of those!!), I set about installing it.

I have always been a little bit worried about doing one of these upgrades. I am using the Synology Server as the main location for basically all of my files, so if something were to go wrong during the upgrade I would be at a loss for a while until I put everything back together.

On the bright side, Synology are VERY good at what they do, and I am happy to report that the installation of DSM 3.1-1594 went off without any problems!

This update brings a redesign to the following packages to provide an easy-to-use experience:

  • Download Station 3
  • Audio Station 3
  • Photo Station
  • Surveillance Station

In addition, there is a brand new Mail Station 2 package to provide multiple SMTP Servers, and multiple email account fetching. Recently, I have moved away from trying to host my own mail server, as I found it just too much work for little reward, however, I may have to re-think this given this new offering!

The best feature for me though would have to be the “Auto DSM Update”. This will save a lot of hassle and concern, by allowing the Synology Server to maintain itself.

I am still VERY tempted to play with the Surveillance Station. I don’t have a network camera just now, but I have just found out that you can use the DS Cam application on an iPhone/Android enabled phone, so I think the wife's phone phone might be getting a work out soon!!

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