Windows Phone 7 updating the Nokia Lumia Firmware to 1750.0805.8773.12220

Published on 24 August 2012

I have been meaning to post this for a while, but with one thing and another, I just haven’t had time. However, as some of you will know, I have been banging on about this update for a LONG time! What feels like ages ago now, Nokia finally announced that they were going to bring internet tethering to the Nokia Lumia 800 (a feature that I have been sorely missing since I moved from my beloved HTC HD7 to the Nokia Lumia 800), however, it took over a month to get the update onto my phone.

Anyway, the day finally arrived, and the installation, as always, went very smoothly:

An update is available

Update your phone

Don't Disconnect

You may or may not see the following screen. As soon as I got the notification that the update was ready I went ahead and installed it, which meant using the work computer, which I haven’t set up my phone on. It’s good to know that it can be done in this way though.

Guest Phone Detected

Step 2 of 10

Update in progress

Step 4 of 10

Step 5 of 10

Step 6 of 10

Step 7 of 10

Step 8 of 10

Step 9 of 10

Step 10 of 10

Successful Update

Your phone is up to date

With the update completed, I immediately checked the Settings page, and I am very happy to report that the “Internet Sharing” function is now available on my Nokia Lumia 800. In fact, I am actually away to publish this blog post from my laptop, which is currently tethered to the phone.

Other features that came along with this update includes:

  • Flip to silence — Silence incoming calls by turning your phone face down.
  • Fix to prevent the volume of the ringtone from temporarily increasing
  • Download new apps from Marketplace, such as camera extras, including smart group shot and self-timer, Contacts share, and Play To, a DLNA app for showing your content wirelessly.
  • Usability and performance improvements

This update took the Nokia Lumia 800 handset to the following state:

  • OS Version: 7.10.8773.98
  • Firmware revision number: 1750.0805.8773.12220
  • Hardware revision number: 112.1402.2.3
  • Radio software version:
  • Radio hardware version: 8225
  • Bootloader version:
  • Chip SOC version:
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