Cake reaches 250000 downloads

Published on 23 December 2016

Woo hoo! Over 250000 downloads!

When I was invited to join the Cake Organisation back in November last year, I had a really good feeling about it all. Both Patrik and Mattias are amazing developers, and I can honestly say that I have learnt a lot from them since joining the team!

Today marks a special milestone for Cake. Today it has now been downloaded over 250000 times!


As you can see from the screenshot, that means that it is downloaded, on average, 265 times every day.

We really do have an amazing community on the Cake project, and we are truly thankful for all the help and support that we get in order to make Cake the build automation system that you want. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work on the Cake project, and the next blog post where we reach 1000000 downloads!

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