Cake talk at DDD Reading

Published on 03 September 2016

A Piece of Cake

C# powered cross platform build automation

In the same way that DDD Scotland made a welcome return this year, the same was true of DDD Reading. A .Net Community event which is hosted in the Microsoft Offices in Thames Valley Park. I have attended this event before, in fact, it was actually one of the first .Net Community events that I went to, and this year I was asked along to present my talk on Cake.

The Code

If you are interested in following along with the demos that I gave during this talk, you can find all the information in my GitHub Repository.

The Slides

If you are interested in seeing the slides from the talk, you can find them displayed below, and also they are available as a download by clicking through to the slideshare site.

A Piece of Cake - DDD11 - Reading from Gary Park


Thank you to everyone who attended the event on the day. I have just received the speaker feedback, and I have to say that I am very happy with the results/comments:

Speaker Knowledge: 8.62/9 Speaker Presentation: 7.85/9

  • "Tenet" is not "Tennant"
  • Brilliant!
  • Clearly not passionate enough about cake :) Great talk, good intro
  • Good product, talk needs a little more cheese/humour but good and informative
  • Hungry now! :)
  • Interesting - good demo nice intro to useful tools
  • Would be good to have more demo time

I will be taking on board some of these comments for my upcoming talk at DDD North.

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