Chocolatey Kickstarter is now live

Published on 15 October 2014


Click here and back the brand new Chocolatey Kickstarter!

Some more information

Earlier today, Rob Reynolds (@ferventcoder) pushed the button on a new Kickstarter, aimed at raising funds to:

move forward from the Chocolatey experiment to the Chocolatey experience!

This really is an exciting time for Chocolatey, and general application management on Windows. You can find all the details that you will need to get started, including information about the rewards that you can back on the Kickstarter page (did I mention that one of them actually including actual chocolate?). Head on over to check them out!

Chocolatey Kickstarter Release Video

Here is the release video which explains some of the aims of the Chocolatey Kickstarter:

New Chocolatey Features Video

Check out the following video which shows some of the soon to be released new features in the C# rewrite of Chocolatey:

Get in quick!

At the time of writing, there is almost 40 people already signed up to the Kickstarter, so be sure to get in quick so you don't miss out of the exciting oppurtunity to help Chocolatey grow into the application package manager for Windows.

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