The Story of Gary The Coconut

Published on 12 July 2008

Due to the fact that our business Headquarters are in Canada, there are a fair number of Canadians in our Scottish Office. One Friday evening, the Canadians decided that they were going to have a night of Nintendo Wii fun round at the company flat, and I was invited to come along. Initially, I thought that this would be a great idea, so I said that I would come along. However, later that night, my plans changed, and I wasn't able to come along, so I text them to let them know that I wouldn't be attending.

The following Monday, I was told that I had missed a really good night, and as the stories of the evening were recited, I realised that I probably should have attended. Days passed, and I thought that was the end of it, however, I was wrong.....

Gary the Coconut

Turns out, that rather than be without a Gary at the party, the Canadians thought it would be a good idea to replace a Scottish Gary with someone else, and so Gary The Coconut was born.

Since that night, Gary The Coconut has ventured out into the world, in lots of different ways:

  • He has got his own Facebook account
  • He has been Skiing
  • He has been White Water Rafting
  • He has been to a BBQ
  • He has been to lots of parties

He has made lots of friends along the way, however, his best friend in the whole wide world has to be Wes:

Wes with Gary the Coconut

Where will Gary The Coconut go next? No one knows....

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