Cake talk at DDD Scotland

Published on 14 May 2016

Having your cake, and eating it too!

Today I gave a talk entitled "Having your Cake, and eating it too!" at DDD Scotland. This was the first year that DDD Scotland has been back for a long time, and I was particularly happy to be asked along to present at this event.

To add an additional level of pressure, the session was being recorded and should be available on the Channel 9 website once edited.

The Code

If you are interested in following along with the demos that I gave during this talk, you can find all the information in my GitHub Repository.

The Slides

If you are interested in seeing the slides from the talk, you can find them displayed below, and also they are available as a download by clicking through to the slideshare site.

Having your cake, and eating it too! - DDDScotland from Gary Park


The Channel 9 website has been updated with some of the videos from the day, but it doesn't look like mine has been added yet. If you are interested, keep an eye out here.

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