Google Chrome

Published on 03 September 2008

Had a quick play with the new Web Browser from Google today, and so far so good!!

For those of you who haven't heard about it, you can read a fairly lengthy comic strip detailing the thought processes behind the new Web Browser here. And if you are interested, you can download the installation files here

First impressions are very good. Opening up of the application is very quick, and the whole concept of individual processes for each tab seems to work really well!! The fact that there is a task manager for the individual tabs in the browser, and the ability to kill individual tabs is very novel!!

A couple of things that didn't work in the quick play that I had were as follows:

  • The new version of Hotmail Live refused to work in the browser. It actually suggested that I should update to either IE, FF or Safari
  • On my dual screen set up, when I tried to maximize the window, there was a weird error where part of the window spread onto the second monitor. Not sure what was going on there
  • Oh, and I am not overly convicted about the “brown” colour that surrounds any input boxes, seems like a weird colour choice.

Will have a proper play with it when I get a chance, and will report back with any other findings.

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