These things are addictive...

Published on 22 August 2011

I don’t know about you, but I am the kind of person that when I am thinking things through, I have to be “playing” with something.

If I am in front of the whiteboard, this normally ends with me doodling a picture, as I am the kind of person who thinks in pictures. If not in front of the whiteboard, I normally end up twirling a pen in my fingers. I find that this type of thing helps me concentrate, and focus on the problem at end. Although, I am aware that this can be slightly annoying to some of my colleagues, so there are times when make a conscious effort of trying to not do it.

A couple years back, as part of a Christmas present, I was given a set of Singing Magnets, and these were a great help in focusing the mind. However, I found that these could be quite noisy, and distracting for other people in the office, so I have had to put these away.

Enter the new contender to the “mind focusing” realm...

A set of Magnetic Neodymium Cube Puzzle Balls. 216 separate magnetic balls that when constructed in the correct way form a perfect 6x6 cube.

I was introduced to these from a colleague at work, who also has a set. My Project Manager can’t understand why, but I find these very useful on a day to day basis, both in terms of focusing the mind, as well as a stress relief mechanism. The 216 balls can also be formed into a string, and as I am thinking about a problem I find myself working these around my hands. In addition, taking a couple minutes away from a problem to form the 6x6 cube helps to de-stress.

If like me to need to be “playing” with something to help you think, I would highly recommend these.

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