The UserSelectionMode attribute is not allowed

Published on 20 July 2010

Yesterday, when trying to deploy a SharePoint Solution onto a server, I was created with an interesting error message:

“The 'UserSelectionMode' attribute is not allowed.”

Now, bear in mind, I had just installed this solution onto my own internal server, and it had gone off without a hitch, so something very strange was going on.

Did some digging, and sure enough, within one of the Features being installed, was installing a set of Site Columns, and one of the fields of that column was using the UserSelectionMode attribute (described here). Very strange, me thinks!!

Some more googling (or in my case binging) turned up the following MSDN support article:

Wow, that sounds exactly like the error that I am currently seeing, but that HotFix was released in 2007, surely that is installed on the server. Long story short, turns out that it wasn’t!

On checking the server, Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services was not installed, which as described here rolls up all the updates (including the HotFix that was required) up to February 2009.

**Note to self: **Always check that the server you are installing onto has everything that is required before scratching your head for 2 hours wondering why your package isn’t installing.

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