Software Development Packages

Published on 20 April 2011

I have been giving a lot of thought about the development software packages that I use on a daily basis (both at work and at home), and which ones, if any, I should change out. For example, I have been hearing a lot of good things about TeamCity (for the purposes of Continuous Integration) and CodeRush/ReSharper as IDE Productivity Tools.

As a result, I am looking to get some opinions from some fellow developers about what they are using.

What I currently use is the following:

  • Development Environment – Visual Studio 2010
  • Source Control – TFS
  • Continuous Integration – TFS
  • Work Item Management – TFS
  • Unit Testing – MSTest
  • Integration Testing – Nothing at the minute
  • IDE Productivity Tools – StyleCop, Code Analysis
  • Various Visual Studio 2010 Extensions

So basically, what I am hoping for is feedback on what you use, either at home or at work, and what you like about the packages that you use. Am I missing anything critical? Are there any software packages for development purposes that you are using, that you now simply couldn’t live without?

All opinions are welcome!

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