Looking forward to #prognet11

Published on 24 August 2011

In a recent blog post I spoke about how we (as developers) all have to strive to become a “better developer”. From a personal stand point, I decided that I was going to try to attend the Progressive .Net Tutorials, because in my opinion, the sessions were just too good to miss. After making this decision, I heard a rumour that Paul Stack (one of the speakers at the Tutorials) was in a position to give away two tickets to the event.

On the off chance that I might win, I decided to drop an email to Paul, basically reciting what I had said in my blog post, and luckily for me, I won!!!

I have now booked the hotel and flights for getting down there, and I have to say that I am really looking forward to the event. The only real problem now is deciding which sessions I want to attend.

First up “Gherking Acceptance Criteria” or “Solving the Packaging Puzzle”. Having given it a lot of thought, I am thinking that “Solving the Packaging Puzzle” is going to get my vote.

Next up “Automating Gherkin Acceptance Criteria with Specflow” or “Front-end Tips for Back-end Devs”. Although I have heard a lot of good things about Specflow and it is on my list of things to look into, I think I am going to get more out of the “Front-end Tips for Back-end Devs” talk.

Moving onto the second day, we have the choice between “Load Testing for Developers” or “Test-driven Development in JavaScript”. This is a tough for me, they both sound like great sessions. For now, I think I am leaning more towards the “Load Testing for Developers” session, but I might change my mind.

In the afternoon of the second day we have “Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery” and “Advanced WebSharper Tutorial”. I think this one is an easier decision. I have a keen interest in Continuous Integration. At work we are already using a system of CI to automate the creation of a build package that we can deploy to a server, but I am interested to hear how we can take this to the next step and implement Continuous Delivery.

First up on the third day we have “RESTful Web Service Development in .NET” or “Async Methods in C# 5”. For me, I think the obvious choice has to be “Async Methods in C# 5”. I have read up on a few things that are shipping with C# 5, and to see some of these in action should be very interesting.

The final session in the Progressive .Net Tutorials is the choice between “Introduction to Nancy and Simple.Data” and “You Think You Know Agile?”. Again, this is a tough call for me. Part of me wants to learn something new, and Nancy and Simple.Data fit that bill perfectly, but it would also be good to concrete some of the stuff I “think” I know about Agile. I am still making a decision on this one, might come down to the day of the talk to actually make a decision.

I am not clear on how the sessions are being handled, and how potential “over-crowding” of a session is going to be handled, but hopefully I will be able to attend my first choice sessions. If not, I am sure I will still get a lot from the others.

Are you going to the Progressive .Net Tutorials? Have you decided which sessions you want to attend?

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