Guitar Hero World Tour

Published on 22 November 2008

Me and Lynn were out shopping yesterday, and I ended up buying Guitar Hero World Tour, I couldn't resist it!!! Bought it for the PS3, and I have to say, so far, it is looking very good!! Has got a good range of songs, and if I can ever get my wireless connection to the PS3 working properly, I will be able to download more songs to it as well.

Have started playing straight away on the Medium setting, and so far no real problems. Going to have to do some work to get up to Hard though!!

Lynn also bought Sing Star for the PS3 as well, which she is really good at. Let's just say that I am not very good at it!!! The microphone for Sing Star also works with Guitar Hero, so that is a bit of a boost. Got need to get some drums now

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