Mono binaries for RHEL no longer supported

Published on 09 October 2008

Oh no!!!!

I went to the Mono website after learning that 2.0 had been released all ready to download the new packages to install and test. Clicked on the download link, only to find the 1.9.1 downloads. Initially I thought that the link had just not been updated, so I emailed the Mono team to find out what was going wrong.

Couple days later, I checked the Mono download page again, and I saw this:

Binaries for this platform have been discontinued. Builds may be available from unsupported downloads.

There is nothing in the unsupported downloads section, so looks like I am going to have to try and figure out how to compile Mono from source. I remember trying to do this before, without much luck, still a relative new comer to the Linux world, that is why I ended up using the binaries, but am now being forced to learn how to do this.

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