News from LearnVisualStudio.Net

Published on 04 August 2010

If you aren’t already using LearnVisualStudio.Net, then I would highly recommend that you give it a try.  I have had the lifetime membership for some years now, and I love it.

Now, onto the news...

The bottom line is, two major things are happening over at LearnVisualStudio:

  1. Lifetime Membership’s are no longer going to exist
  2. The ability to download the videos for watching later, isn’t going to exist

The second is a real shame, as it was always nice to be able to store the videos off for watching later, but I can understand the reasons for this change.

The first, you can avoid by going and getting yourself a lifetime membership right now :-)

The same policies seem to be getting applied to their sister website TrainingSpot, which is also a useful resource.

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