Archery in Calgary

Published on 21 September 2008

Today, me and three of the guys from the office went along to the Calgary Archery Centre in the SE. The place is jam packed full of everything to do with archery, and to be honest, hunting in general. The three guys that I went with hadn't done archery before, and I think they came away thinking that it was quite good fun. We were there for about 2 hours, and it total it cost us $15, which we didn't think was all the expensive, as you were allowed to be there for as long as you wanted. The only extra money that would be needed would have been if you completely trashed any arrows, which we didn't.

We all started of with recurve bows, however, the one I got wasn't all that good, and it wasn't a patch on my old bow, so I traded it in for a compound bow. That was a little bit more fun although, it wasn't very powerful, but at least it had a sight on it which the recurves didn't.

There is word of going to the shooting range next, that should be really good fun!!!

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