Shaganappi Golf Course - Part 1

Published on 15 August 2008

Ok, first of all, no, I am not making that name up!! This place actually exists.

I was invited to go along with some of the guys from the office to play the back nine at this golf course this morning. Had to get up at 4:45am, but it was well worth it!! The back nine of this course looks out over the city of Calgary, and when the sun was rising it was really nice to look out over the city!!

I didn't bring any of my own golf stuff with me to Calgary so I had to borrow a set of clubs, but I didn't put up to bad a showing!! Only one of a hand full of times that I have played golf this year, but it was good to get out on the course.

The back nine is quite short, only one par 5, and I think it was 4 par 3's. Hopefully going to play a few more times while I am here before the course closes for Winter, and maybe get a chance to play the full 18 holes.

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