I have Kindle envy...

Published on 12 October 2011

Back in February, I bought myself a Kindle and I blogged about it here. I have been very happy with it, and through some cracking deals at the likes of O’Reilly and Manning Publications I now have an extensive set of technical books on the Kindle. Now all I need is time to read them all.

So, what is the problem?

Well, a colleague at work has just bought the new shiny Kindle, pictured to the left, and I am jealous. It is a cracking piece of kit. In terms of screen real estate, it is exactly the same as the Kindle that I have, but the lack of the physical keyboard and smaller bevel around the outside, means that it is a much smaller device, and also lighter.

I thought that the lack of physical keyboard would bother me, but realistically, the only time that I use the keyboard is to enter the password to unlock the device, and that is it. Although a little bit of a pain to navigate an on-screen keyboard with the directional pad, it isn’t the end of the world.

So now the next question, do I flog my Kindle on eBay and get a new one? Or do I wait and see when the Kindle Touch will land in the UK? Do I even need touch screen for the Kindle? Questions, Questions Questions!

Anyone want an older model Kindle?

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