New MSDN Subscription

Published on 04 August 2010


I am still blown away by the good news that I got yesterday, so I will apologise now for the excess use of exclamation marks!

Basically, I got a PM from one of the moderators of the forum that I frequent (VB Forums), asking what version of Visual Studio I use at home. I responded to say that although I have an MSDN Subscription at work, I just run the Express Editions at home, since a full license of Visual Studio is a little too much for my wallet just now.

He then responded to say that he was been given 3 MSDN Subscriptions from Microsoft, to give away to people that he thinks deserves it, and he decided that I deserved one!!!!!! Nice!!!!

So winging it’s way to me just now, is a copy of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition, along with a full MSDN Subscription!!!!

Can’t wait to get it installed on my shiny new laptop.

Thanks si!!!

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