Mouse without Borders

Published on 13 October 2011

Like most geeks, I have both a desktop PC and a laptop (if I am being honest, I also have a NetBook as well). From time to time, I will be using these at the same time. Whether it is to do the monthly virus scans and updates, or whether it is transferring files between the two, etc.

Before finding “Mouse without Borders” it was a case of switching between the keyboard and mouse of my desktop, over to the keyboard and track pad of the laptop, but no more! Now I just use the same keyboard and mouse, and I get a flawless transition between each desktop.

Once setup, you can position tell “Mouse without Borders” how you want your machines configured, I have mine setup as follows:

Mouse Without Borders

and there are a host of options that you can configure:

Mouse Without Borders Configuration

There are other products on the market that do a similar job, for instance InputDirector, but I have never tried this software.

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