Bull Riding at the SaddleDome

Published on 12 June 2008

As part of the Global Petroleum Show which is going on in Calgary this week, there was a Professional Bull Riding event at the Saddledome last night. I went along with another guy from the office, and had a great time!!!!

To say that these guys are nuts would be a little bit of an understatement in my opinion!!! And as for the Bull Fighters (the guys who distract the Bull once the Bull Rider falls off so that the Bull doesn't go for him, those guys at just not right in the head!!!) You can see some of the photos that I took while at the show here:

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Some of them aren't very good because I was told that I wasn't allowed to use my camera, so i just used the camera on my phone, but then I saw other people using cameras that were better than mine, so I took mine out my bag and took a few shots. Hope you like them!!

The commentator told us that one of the Bulls that was used in the final round, which was called The Microsoft Challenge Round (wonder how much Microsoft had to pay for that privilege?!?), was over 1 tonne in weight!!! Needless to say, it threw the rider off pretty quickly, and the rider was eliminated from the contest. In the final round, out of the eight riders, there was only one guy who was able to stay on the Bull for the required 8 seconds.

I have got some videos that I took on the night as well, if anyone is interesting in seeing them, leave me a comment, or get in touch direct, and I can send them onto you (have quite got videos working on my site yet, I will at some point though :-))

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