New Coding4Fun Site

Published on 31 January 2011

Many, many, years ago, when I first started doing programming, as a paid capacity, I stumbled across a website called Coding4Fun. It had a huge array of sample applications including useful things such as a Network Utility for pinging every address on your subnet to find out if there is a device using that IP Address, to fun applications such as an application to take over a person’s auto correction options in Microsoft Office Applications (this was intended as an April Fools prank). I was subscribed to this site for a long time, and enjoyed reading the articles that were posted, and many useful code samples.

Then, all of a sudden, this site dropped of the radar, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. For whatever reason, the site had to be transitioned to merge with something else, and from then on, I didn’t re-subscribe to the site in it’s new home.

I am happy to say that the Coding4Fun site has now found a new home, within the Channel9 site. You can find it here:

They seem to have been able to transition a lot of the existing posts over to this new home, although, unfortunately, some of the original source code is now missing. I actually downloaded a lot of the original source code while I was subscribed to the original site, and I have tried to let the Coding4Fun administrators know this, but as yet, no one has been in touch with me.

If any knows the admins of this site, please let me know, so that I can pass this code back if they would like it.

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