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Published on 04 November 2018

Anyone that knows me, knows that I like numbers. I like to track numbers over time, and see how things are changing. Are they getting better? Worse?

So with this in mind, a couple months ago, I was looking at my Stack Overflow profile, and I was curious about how, if at all, my reputation points (you know, those Internet points, that don't really mean anything to anyone, but it is still nice to have them?!?), had changed over time.

The Problem

On the main Stack Overflow Profile page, you are met with this:

Stack Overflow Reputation

Now, granted, I can hover over this little bar graph, and I see a tooltip for what is was at a particular point in time, but it isn't very clear on what date it correlates to.

What did you do?

So, I went googling, thinking that this must be something that can be done better. Stack Overflow is made by a bunch of developers, who likely also like numbers. What I turned up was that there is a REST API for getting additional information back from Stack Overflow, but in all honesty, I didn't want to have to go to that length to have to get this information. I even sent out a Tweet about it, as I thought that this must be possible:

What was the outcome?

After a bit of digging, I found that you can get MUCH more information on your Network Profile page, rather than simply your Stack Overflow Profile page. For those that aren't aware, you can get to this from here:

Link to Network Profile

And once there, if you click on the reputation tab, you get a much larger line graph, with much more detail about your reputation, and on what day it changed, etc. So now you can rejoice in more data than you will ever need on these particular Internet Points.

Network Profile Reputation

This post is mainly for me to remember where I can get this information again if I ever need it, and I thought that is might be useful to other like minded, numbers oriented people.

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