Reasons to love OneNote 2010 Series

Published on 08 February 2011

Following an introduction to Microsoft OneNote 2007 by a colleague at work, I find myself using OneNote more and more things within my work day. Taking minutes of meetings, writing ToDo lists, capturing information about products that I am using, bugs that I am finding, etc. There are so many things that OneNote “just does”, that I now find invaluable.

Now, thanks to the Microsoft Home Use Program I am the proud owner of Microsoft Office Professional 2010, including OneNote 2010, and I now find myself using OneNote both at home, and on my Windows Phone 7.

This post is going to be the parent post for a series of posts where I am going to describe the features that I have come to rely on within OneNote 2010 (some of these features are not going to be specific to OneNote 2010, they may have existed within earlier versions, but any screenshots and descriptions that are provided will be based on OneNote 2010).

I will update this page with links to the individual posts I do as I publish them:

Hope you find these features as useful as I have!

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