I now have a full house of WP7 applications!

Published on 18 December 2011

Full House of Applications

As some of you may remember, I recently blogged about the fact that I was missing some applications from my collection of Windows Phone 7 Apps. i.e. there were letters in my Windows Phone 7 Jump List that didn’t have any applications behind them.

With the help of some fellow Windows Phone 7 owners, I have now been able to complete the set (with the exception of the Globe icon in the bottom right hand corner. I am led to believe that this icon is for handling foreign languages, which I don’t have on my phone).

I will be updating the complete list of applications that I have installed in the next couple of days, but for now, the applications that completed the collection were:

  • Jingle Balls
  • Kayak
  • Quick Reader
  • VLC Play
  • XDA Wallpaper
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