Helping out friends and families

For a long time, I have been an avid user of logmein, and I love it!!

I have all my friends and families machines connected to my free account which means if anyone is having any problems with their computer, and they are connected to the internet, then I can jump onto their machine, see what is going on, and take control if I need to, to fix the problem.

There are paid for versions of logmein available, that extend the feature set, such as File Share, Remote to Local Audio, etc, however, I have never felt the need for those versions.

There have been times though when I have been asked for help from people who are not connected to my logmein account, meaning that I can’t jump on and look at their machine.  Although they try, some of the descriptions that I get from people (It’s not working…) makes it impossible to know what is going on, and it is just easier to be able to see their screen.  There are ways to remotely connect computers to my logmein account, however, it isn’t a particularly simple process.

That is where steps in.  Basically, it allows the user (me) to send a url to the person at the other end of the phone, and on clicking that link, they will be taken to a website that will start recording their screen, thus allowing them to show me what the problem is.  Once completed, the video file is then sent to me in an email for me to take a look at.

Everything is described in the video below:



ASP.Net Vulnerability – Update

Scott Gu has just blogged about an update which is being released to fix the ASP.Net Vulnerability which was released recently.

You can find all the information about it here:

The update is going to be pushed out through the Windows Download Centre.

Upcoming .Net User Group Meeting

At last nights .Net User Group Meeting, I announced details of our upcoming meeting in November, so I thought I would follow up with additional details here.

Basically, we are lucky enough to have 2 Microsoft gurus coming up to Aberdeen to do a talk on Silverlight, both on the desktop and on the mobile platform.

The Microsoft gurus that I am referring to are:

Mike Taulty –


Mike Ormond –

I am still waiting on complete details of exactly what is going to be in the talks, but I will upload more information about the talk here:

As it becomes available.

What I can say is that this meeting will be starting earlier than our previous meetings.  This is to allow for the fact that we will be having two sessions.  Both sessions will likely be about an hour in length with a break in between the two sessions.

In addition, due to the expected number of attendees at the event, it is likely that we will not be able to use Room A4 in the RGU building as we have been.  Instead, we should be able to use one of the larger auditoriums in the RGU Building.  These details will be confirmed as we get closer to the meeting date.

I would encourage everyone to spread the word about this event, and try to get as many people to attend as possible.  If we can get a good turn out at this event, then it will show Microsoft that we have a substantial community in this area, and will hopefully open the doors to holding more of these events in the future.

SQL Injection Talk by Colin Mackay

Last night was the second Aberdeen .Net User Group Meeting.  The presenter was Colin Mackay, and he gave a very interesting introduction into the vulnerabilities that can arise from SQL Injection Attacks.

Colin’s blog can be found here:

And an article that he wrote on the pitfalls of SQL Injection Attacks can be found here:

And finally, a copy of the presentation slides can be found here:

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

ASP.Net Vulnerability

Just read about this on Scott Gu’s Blog, something you might want to take notice of if you are running your own web servers…

And the link to Scott’s Blog:

Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync

For a while now, I have been trying to find a way to become more organized.  I tend to use Outlook on my work computer as the central hub of all my information, from tasks, to mail, to contacts, to my calendar.  With that in place, I then synchronized all of this information to my phone using an ActiveSync connection to my works Exchange Server.

However, a new IT policy is going to put an end to this ActiveSync Exchange connection on my phone.  As a result, I had to start looking elsewhere to allow complete synchronization of all my information.  I started out trying to use Hotmail’s Outlook Connector, which would allow me to see everything in my Hotmail account within Outlook.  The only problem that I have found with this, is that you can’t synchronize tasks between the two.  From what I can understand, this is a requested feature for the Outlook Connector, so we will have to wait and see what happens there.

The next step was to try and get all of this information on my phone.  This is possible using a direct ActiveSync connection between my phone and the computer, however, an “Over The Air” connection would definitely be better.  Now, you can use Windows Mobile Live to use Messenger and Mail on your phone, however, you can’t get contacts and calendar and tasks.  I dug around for a long time, but I couldn’t find a suitable solution.  There I stumbled across this:

A direct Exchange ActiveSync connection for Windows Mobile, perfect.  When I first tried this, I wasn’t able to get connected.  Turns out that during the time I was testing, Microsoft were still in the process of rolling out the service, but, I am happy to say that this is now up and running correctly, and working very well.

Full details of how to set up this account can be found here:

This currently doesn’t work with the Android OS (I have been trying to set this up on another phone) but from what I understand, this should be coming soon.